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"Et vækkeur i Cecil Taylors flygel - tekster om jazz, 1945-2005" ("An alarm clock in Cecil Taylor's grand piano: Writings on jazz, 1945-2005")

An anthology of T.U.'s writings (in Danish) about music.
Edited and foreword by Lars Movin.

Published by Asger Schnacks Forlag (Copenhagen), Sept. 21, 2018.
Cover photograph by Tove Kurtzweil.

"Stilhedens Cymbaler" ("Cymbals of Silence, Notes of Un-Knowing")

A collection of Lines and Off-lines (all in English) by T.U., connected with his performances with Instead Of.
Foreword (in Danish and English) by Lars Movin.

Published by Forlaget Bebop (Copenhagen), October 19, 2007.
Original cover painting by Per Kirkeby.

Terninger, tonefald cover "Terninger, tonefald: 12 Lines, 36 Off-lines"

A collection of 12 Lines and 36 Off-lines (all in English) by T.U.
Introduction (in Danish and English) by Lars Movin.

72 pages. Published by Forlaget Bebop (Copenhagen), Nov. 8, 2005.
Original cover painting by Per Kirkeby.

Udspil cover "Udspil – samtaler med Torben Ulrich"

A book by Lars Movin of conversations with T.U. about events and activities
in T.U.'s life and how they relate to their cultural setting.

584 pages. Published 2004 by Lindhardt and Ringhof (Copenhagen).
In Danish, with a few of T.U.'s Lines in English.
Jazz, bold & buddhisme cover "Jazz, bold & buddhisme"

An anthology of T.U. writings from the 1940s to the 2000s, edited by Lars Movin.

504 pages, published May 2003 by Informations Forlag (Copenhagen).
In Danish, with a few of T.U.'s Lines in English.
In the works:

  "Boldens Øjne, Værens Ben:
Notater langs idrættens spalte(n)de veje"

Written by T.U.
Foreword by Lars Movin.

Left-page Lines in English and right-page prose in Danish.

Published by Forlaget Spring; projected publication date: Oct. 4, 2018

A retrospective of T.U.'s rice-paper paintings, from their beginnings in 1973
to current versions with computerized distortions. With commentarial texts
by Lars Movin and others.

In English. Edited by Lars Movin.