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  • Received first clarinet in 1942.
  • Began playing in the late 1940s in the Delta Jazz Band (a New Orleans-style band, with Jeppe Esper Larsen on cornet, Povl Eriksen on trombone, T.U. on clarinet, Terkild Vinding on piano, Jørgen Pers on banjo and guitar, John Hartwig on bass, Niels Bødker on drums).


  • Continued in the Delta Jazz Band.
  • With circle of friends, opened first Blue Note club in Copenhagen in 1952.
  • Over the decade, played with changing personnel, in sequence:
    • The Blue Note Band (a New Orleans-style band, with Arnvid Meyer on trumpet, Povl Eriksen on trombone, T.U. on clarinet, Terkild Vinding on piano, Jørgen Pers on banjo and guitar, John Hartwig on bass, and Niels Bødker on drums. Later, especially on tour, the pianist was Niels Erik Lundsgård or Jørgen Bengtsson or Finn Savery).
    • The Blue Note Quartet (a non-tailgate, piano-less band, with Arnvid Meyer on trumpet, T.U. on clarinets (adding bass clarinet), Ole Christiansen on bass and initially Niels Bødker on drums, then Thor Selzer on drums).
    • The Blue Note Orchestra (a somewhat post-New Orleans-style band, same personnel as the Quartet, with Henrik Johansen on clarinet and T.U. switching to tenor saxophone).
    • Bugled on Danish Navy ship.
    • In late 1950s, begins study of Northern and Southern expressions of Indian music.


  • More formal training on tenor saxophone and flute.
  • Becomes increasingly interested in cross-field approach in music.


  • Plays mostly "C" flute.


  • Begins work on alto flute.


  • With Clinch (an avant-garde group, with Claus Bøje on drums, Peter Friis Nielsen on bass guitar, Christer Irgens-Møller on keyboards and synthesizers, Steffen Poulsen/Troels Bech/John Krog Hansen on live sampling, T.S. Høeg/Lotte Anker on saxophone, T.U. on vocals and stick/idiophone).
  • With Instead Of (an improvised-music group, with Lori Goldston on cello, Angelina Baldoz on trumpet, flutes, bass guitar and electronics, and Jaison Scott on drums and T.U. on vocals/text).
  • Two songs by T.U.'s Blue Note Jazz Band and one by T.U.'s Quartet included in "Right Out Of Kansas City" (2008), a boxed set with a book, three CDs and one DVD about Arnvid Meyer's Orchestra from 1953 to 1973, put together by Arnvid's son, Cim Meyer. The book has several photos of T.U., including this precious one with Louis Armstrong singing with the band on a

    flatbed truck they'd borrowed to greet him when he came to Copenhagen in 1952. (boxed set available in many places, including this site in danish and this site in english, which also offers clips and downloads.)
  • Records in 2007 with Danish pianist Søren Kjærgaard with texts written for the occasion, "Suddenly, Sound: 21 songlines for piano, drainpipe, etc." The resulting CD was released in March 2009, followed by a tour in Denmark.
  • Records in 2008 with Instead Of at Verkstad Studio in Seattle. Album in the works.