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Apprenticeship at Reuters (News Agency) in Copenhagen.

Articles in local jazz magazines (Tribune, then JazzInformation, also editorial assistant).

Six months of columns for the Danish daily newspaper Information.

To daily paper Politiken, writing primarily on music, reviews on jazz plus weekly column
(illustrated by first Jørgen Ryg, then Klaus Albrectsen).

Co-editor of literary magazine Bazar (with Gustava Brandt and Bengt Janus).

Writing for contemporary jazz music trade journals (continuing into the 1960s, e.g. Jazzrevy,
co-editing with Boris Rabinowitz and Klaus Albrectsen).

Weekly music column, jazz reviews, roving reports on assorted cultural themes, with Klaus Albrectsen for Danish daily newspaper BT.

Contributions to music periodical M.M.

1980s and '90s
Writings on music, film, athletics, etc., as U.S. correspondent to Information sports and cultural pages (editors Hans-Jørgen Nielsen, Poul Albret, Lasse Ellegaard, Kristen Bjørnkjær).

Essay "Hvis," as contribution to "festskrift" for Claus Bøje, "Idrættens Enhed Eller Mangfoldighed," edited by Henning Eichberg and Bo Vestergård Madsen (Klim, 2002).

"Jazz, bold & buddhisme", edited by Lars Movin, an anthology of T.U.'s writings from the 1940s to the 2000s, is published by Informations Forlag.

Texts/lines appear in Victor B. Andersens Maskinfabrik and in Apparatur.

"Udspil – samtaler med Torben Ulrich", an "interview book" by Lars Movin, is published by Lindhardt & Ringhof.

"Terninger, tonefald", a book of 48 of T.U.'s Lines and Off-lines, is published by Bebop.

"All The Things You Are: Katte, Hunde, Underhunde", an essay by T.U., appears in "Fokus På Freud," a book released on the occasion of Sigmund Freud's 150th birthday, published by Hans Reitzels Forlag.

Contributed the foreword "Sadlende År, Etc.," to "En dag forsvandt Duke Jordan i Harlem – tekster om jazz" by Jørgen Leth (an anthology of J.L.'s writings about jazz), edited by Lars Movin (Bebop, 2008). (in danish.)

Article from "So What!" (Metallica Club magazine and book). (PDF)

Liner notes for "Before The Wall: Body & Being," the 2002 film with Molly Martin and Rick New, part one and part two. (PDF)

Compendium for "Before The Wall." (2002)

Liner notes for 2010's "Alphabet, Peaceful, Diminished: 29 Proposals from the Towers of Babble," the second album with Søren Kjærgaard. (PDF)

Presentation about the writing aspect of "Suddenly, Sound" and "Alphabet, Peaceful, Diminished" at Det Poetiske Bureau, Copenhagen, Sept. 7, 2010. (in danish.)

"On Cacophony etc.", a letter and postscript to Angelina Baldoz and Beth Graczyk about Cacophony for 8 Players.

Director's note in the program for the evening-length premiere of Cacophony for 8 Players. (PDF)

"Toward a Theatre of Transversality," an essay/liner notes about the Cacophony for 8 Players project.

Liner notes, with Søren Kjærgaard, for the album "Meridiana: Lines Toward A Non-local Alchemy".

T.U. among many included in George Quasha's "poetry is" video. (T.U.'s segement starts at 1:45:13.)

T.U. included with Peter Laugesen and Dan Turèll in Lars Movin's chapter "Denmark’s To Beat or Not to Beat: Turèll, Ulrich, Laugesen" in The Routledge Handbook of International Beat Literature (2018). See Lars' note in his Facebook post.

"Et vækkeur i Cecil Taylors flygel - tekster om jazz, 1945-2005" ("An alarm clock in Cecil Taylor's grand piano: Writings on jazz, 1945-2005"), an anthology of T.U.'s music writings, edited and with a foreword by Lars Movin, is published by Asger Schnacks Forlag, Copenhagen (2018).

"Boldens Øjne, Værens Ben: Notater langs idrættens spalte(n)de veje" (“Eyes of the Ball, Bones of Being: Notations along the divisive ways of athletics”), by T.U. and with a foreword by Lars Movin, is published by Forlaget Spring, Copenhagen (2018).