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Late 1940s and 1950s
Frequent contributor to the jazz music department at the Danish Radio under the direction of Børge Roger Henrichsen, beginning with an essay on the music of Sidney Bechet and continuing throughout the '50s with two kinds of programs.

When T.U. wasn't traveling as a touring tennis player, these programs were usually
45-minute portraits or presentations of jazz and blues musicians, often in a more analytical mode if on more established musicians. If T.U. had been traveling, particularly in England or the United States, the programs were more reportage of live music in, for instance, New York, and the playing of recent releases not yet available in Europe (at that time it could take six months to a year for new records in the U.S. to be released in Europe). Both kinds of radio programs ran parallel with T.U.'s journalistic and magazine writings on music, as well as his own band activities.

From 1961, started co-editing a biweekly magazine-type program on Danish Radio with Erik Wiedemann called Jazz 61, Jazz 62, Jazz 63, etc., emphasizing contemporary strains of jazz music.

Later, together with Erik Wiedemann and Børge Roger Henrichsen, added two monthly programs: Tangent, which dealt with different aspects of contemporary musics, and Tamburinen, which covered music from different continents.

Continued as a correspondent (under editorship of Ib Skovgaard) from the U.S. to the jazz music department at Danish Radio.

Occasionally also contributed to the Copenhagen station Radio Jazz, often in collaboration with Werner Brakner. (When T.U. settled down in Seattle, Werner Brakner took over major portions of T.U.'s record collection in Denmark; years later the rare or less-well-known records among them were presented by Brakner in a series with Albert Ayler's "Our Prayer" as theme song.)

Contributed to the athletic monthly journal on Danish Radio titled for many years "Clinch", and then later "Sportsånden" (edited by Jørgen Johansen and Claus Bøje).