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Born in New York City 1963, Lori Goldston studied with Aaron Shapinsky and at Bennington College. She plays or has played with
the Black Cat Orchestra, Mirah, Nirvana, Ellen Fullman, Threnody Ensemble, Tactile, DŁnya Trio, Seattle Chinese Orchestra and many more. She is a frequent collaborator with dancers and film makers.
  • Lori's Bandcamp site.

  • Born in 1967 in Seattle, Angelina Baldoz has been performing and creating music in the Seattle area with a strong involvement in the improvisational music scene, as well as the vibrant dance community that is currently thriving in Seattle. Her distinctive trumpet playing has been presented in collaboration with many wonderful musicians and movement artists, such as Paul Hoskin, Deborah Hay, Tari Nelson-Zagar, Jack Wright, Linda Austin, Gust Burns, Lori Goldston, Ellen Fullman, Susie Kozawa, Jessika Kenney and Jason E Anderson. Most recently she's playing bass guitar in the rock group B.C. Campbell and The Celebrity Orphans.

    Born in 1972 in Seattle, Jaison Scott is the drummer in the Seattle death-metal band Sindios (since 2003), recording the CD "Modern Plagues" (2006). He also was the drummer for the heavy/experimental band Severhead, recording two CDs, "Severhead" (2001) and "Acephal" (2002); and also the heavy-rock band Murray.
  • Sindios' site.

  • Born in 1928 in Denmark, Torben Ulrich started on clarinet; was taught and scolded by Sidney Bechet; and later played tenor saxophone in his own group. He wrote (in Danish) for 50 years on jazz, contemporary music and culture; recorded amongst others Albert Ayler and Sonny Rollins for Danish Radio; and from 2002 to 2004 performed and recorded with the Danish avant-garde group Clinch.
  • Torben's site.